Sandpaper Holder


Advantus Corporation Sanding Grip Block Tim Holtz
Red Devil 3319 Steel Sandpaper Holder
Red Devil 3318 Plastic Sandpaper Holder
Advantus Corporation Sanding Grip Block Tim Holtz
Red Devil 3319 Steel Sandpaper Holder
Red Devil 3318 Plastic Sandpaper Holder


  • Flat design makes sanding textured surfaces easy
  • Sanding block is a great tool for adding character to cardstock, chipboard, and for all over sanding
  • Rubber block has concealed spikes to hold strips of sandpaper
  • Conforms to curved surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Padded bottom
  • Easy to use
  • Textured side makes for sure gripping
  • Conforms to curved surfaces


Red Devil
Red Devil

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Advantus Corporation Sanding Grip Block Tim Holtz


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